Hour of CI

Introducing cyberinfrastructure (CI) and cyber literacy, one hour at a time

Hour OF CI

Hour of Cyberinfrastructure (Hour of CI) is a nationwide campaign introducing hundreds of diverse undergraduate and graduate students to cyberinfrastructure and geographic information science (GIScience) while building Cyber Literacy for GIScience. The NSF-supported project is developing 17 interactive, online lessons for students and creating supplementary curriculum materials for instructors. These hour-long lessons will provide base knowledge and skills for across eight core areas and then test this knowledge through interactive content. To get started, click on the Gateway Lesson link up top!

If it's your first time here, we recommend starting with the "Gateway Lesson" before trying the Beginner and Intermediate Lessons. The Gateway Lesson page has signup information for learners and instructors. It also has instructional material and additional resources for anyone looking to expand upon their first Hour of CI. Following the Gateway Lesson, learners and instructors can continue building their cyber literacy by exploring any of the Beginner Lessons.

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