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UPDATE! We moved! (For sustainability) 

The Hour of CI project officially ended in 2024. The lessons are now available in a new repository.

Please find our new repository on the I-GUIDE Github Repository. We now run on the I-GUIDE Platform!

See more here: 

Hour of CI Lessons are being incorporated into the Convergence Curriculum for Geospatial Data Science as hands-on activities.

tl;dr: Try it for yourself. The following link will take you to the I-GUIDE Platform:


### ARCHIVE ###

The Hour of CI project officially ended in 2024. We thank all of our project partners and contributors. It was a fantastic community and the project team genuinely appreciates all of the support and help from the community.

Here is a select list of Archived News announcements.

Lesson developer's guide (Draft 1.0)

We released our First Draft of our Hour of CI Lesson Developer's Guide. This guide provides a framework and practical guidance in designing and developing your own Hour of CI lesson using the technologies that the Hour of CI project has created. Please take a look at the first publicly released draft!

Hour of CI Lesson Developer's Guide (Draft 1.0)

CALL for pilot testers

This opportunity has passed.

The Hour of Cyberinfrastructure (Hour of CI) project is completing its first nine one-hour interactive, self-paced online lessons to introduce cyberinfrastructure and cyber literacy to advanced undergraduate and graduate students with an explicit focus on GIScience. We now seek Lesson Pilot Testers who will test these materials with learners, both synchronously in the classroom or asynchronously as supplementary course assignments. If you are interested in helping your students and/or colleagues learn more about Cyberinfrastructure, Big Data, Spatial Data, Computational Thinking, or Spatial Thinking, among other areas, then consider trying an Hour of CI.

Please see the Call for Pilot Testers [PDF]. This call is open to all, no experience in cyberinfrastructure or related topics is required or expected. The lessons and materials are free to use for your in-class and out-of-class activities. You can also apply to be a Supported Pilot Tester and be eligible to receive an honorarium up to $500. See the Call for Pilot Testers for additional details and qualifications or visit our website at

If you have any questions please email Forrest Bowlick ( 


COVID-19 has had a major global impact. Learners and instructors were forced into emergency remote learning and teaching. Travel across the world halted. This pandemic has disrupted Hour of CI lesson development, piloting, and dissemination. 

The "CyberGIS and Geospatial Data Science Curriculum" Panel and presentation entitled "Hour of CI: An Engaging First Hour in Cyber Literacy for GIScience" scheduled to take place during the American Association of Geographers' Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado has been cancelled.

The Hour of CI community building workshop scheduled to take place during the UCGIS Symposium meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii has been cancelled.

The Lessons Learned workshop schedule to take place in Summer 2020 has been postponed.

AAG Workshop

Hour of CI Workshop, April 1st - April 2nd, 2019 in Washington D.C.

Before the annual AAG workshop, the Hour of CI hosted a kickoff workshop to discuss the Best Practices, Beginner Lessons, and advancements in the platform. We were fortunate to meet in the Conservation Pavilion at the National Zoological Park, commonly known as the National Zoo, is one of the oldest zoos in the United States! 

GIS Networking & Career Fair

Hour of CI Talk, February 12th (University of Minnesota)

At the 2019 GIS Networking & Career Fair, Eric Shook (Principal Investigator) led a discussion on the foundation of the project and gave insight to what is in hold for the future! 


Learning from each other

Whether learners or instructors - we are one big community each asking a slightly different question. If you are a learner, you may be asking "How do I learn Cyber Literacy?" If you are an instructor, you may be asking "How do I teach Cyber Literacy?" However, it is important to recognize that we are all learning from each other. The Hour of CI project is trying to connect these two communities. 

How we improve

The Hour of CI project is creating a suite of Best Practices that guide the development of Hour of CI Lessons. The Gateway, Beginner, and Intermediate Lessons teach Cyber Literacy knowledge and skills to our learner community. Knowledge and skills are tested by assessments that are incorporated into the lessons themselves. These assessments provide data to improve and refine our Best Practices. (We even include Instructor Resources to help instructors add Hour of CI lessons into the classroom!)